Contact: Julienne Correa - Owner 
302 Rock Creek Drive, Greenville, SC 29605
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Sometimes the simplest products make the greatest impact. Every year, parents and teachers complain about the pile up of children’s clothes at the lost and found.  Pronto Labels (, a company specializing in personalized iron on labels is offering schools, child care centers, and camps an initial packet of 50 labels featuring their institutions name free of charge.

Julienne Correa, company founder and parent, believes that lost clothing stems from parents lack of knowledge that easy and affordable labels exist.  “Parents know that schools always request that their kids clothes be labeled, but few know that there is a easier solution than using a permanent marker which ends up smearing anyways.”

In addition to the free label packet offer, Pronto Labels ( provides a useful fundraising program for schools, child care centers, and camps.  “Once families hear about us, parents are quick to purchase and we give a percentage of the sale back to our educators.  It’s a WIN-WIN and no one is selling cookie dough!”

“I just got tired of always finding myself at the playground commiserating with other parents and teachers about the missing jacket problem.  Having personalized iron on labels included in our children’s yearly supply list has helped our family and we know it can help other parents..”

Pronto Labels product  ( is durable and made of woven polyester and applied using a hot iron on a cotton setting.  Labels are fully washable, legible and come in a variety of styles.  Families can conveniently order online at  Order forms can also be printed out from the website and sent in the mail.