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"Pronto Labels actually stay on the clothing wash after wash. I wish I had found them years ago. Other clothing labels cannot match the durability of Pronto Labels." 
                                                                                                    Donna Stein 

"I really like the labels. Thanks much for sending them so fast." 
                                                                                          Mrs. Guy Schoonover 

"Rarely do you come across such a win-win proposal such as is offered with Pronto Labels.
An easy way for parents to label their childrens' clothing!  Easy for teachers to identify 
or for other parents to return! and a no hassle fundraiser for childcare centers!
Who could ask for more?"
                                                                    Adrienne C. Gunn 
                                                                    Director of Early Childhood Directions
                                                                    Santa Monica, California
Clothes labels provide effective identification for clothing.
Our iron on product provides an easy and affordable solution for 
schools, camps, childcare centers & nursing homes
that battle misplaced articles everyday.
Depend on the quality and service of our company.